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Old School Revue and The Saugatuck Horns

Old School Revue with The Saugatuck Horns is a classic 7+-piece show and soul band featuring current/former Blues Brothers, Tower of Power, and Average White Band frontmen vocalists: Tom Bowes, Bobby Harden, Tommy "Pipes” McDonald, Jonny Rosch, and other notable performers such as Susan D, Sheila Fabrizio, Victoria Cave, and Joe Meo.


 A show band for concert venues or ideal in dance clubs with old soul grooves and swing tunes all night long. The band plays “Absolutely none of today’s favorite music...” - from campy instrumentals during a low key dinner set” followed by showtime - all with a unique and classic mixture of R & B, Soul, Movie /TV Themes.

For further info. or booking, please contact Roger at or call 203.803.0318.

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Dave Anderson

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Tom Bowes

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Jim Mola

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Stephanie Harrison

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Roger Kaufman

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Frank Barrese

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Joe Kos

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Jon Kaufman

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Fred Scerbo

Bobby Carlson

Joe Meo

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Bob Cooper

Bob Cooper

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Levitt Pavilion, Westport, CT  2017

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Maydie Myles

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Tom Bowes

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Clay Cropper "Boogaloo At The Barbecue

Levitt Pavilion, Westport, CT

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Jim Mola

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Frank Barrese

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Joe Kos

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Chris Parker

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Tom Bowes

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Tom Bowes

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Chris Coogan

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Sheila Fabrizio

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Bob Cooper

Jim Mola

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Levitt Pavilion, Westport, CT 2015

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